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Youth Leadership Development

As youth and young adults begin to develop their own social identities and receive messages of exclusion, Just Communities provides opportunities for them to confront issues that divide their homes, schools, and communities. 

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CommUnity Leadership Initiative

Just Communities' CommUnity Leadership Institute (CLI) prepares Central Coast high school students to understand injustice in the world and translate that understanding into positive action in their schools and communities.

Talking in Class

Talking in Class addresses stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination before they lead to hate and violence, by facilitating peer-to-peer trainingsone of the most effective strategies for impacting student awareness and behavior.


CAN DO is the year round follow-up and networking program for Just Communities' CommUnity Leadership Institute (CLI) and Talking in Class graduates. The program is completely youth-run and youth-led. It is open to all students interested in social justice organizing.

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