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Virtual Programming

At Just Communities, our vision is about ensuring people are connected, respected and valued. During COVID-19 we cannot hold our usual programming in order to respect physical distance, but we want to celebrate our social connections and bring people together in a virtual format.​

R.E.A.L. Talk (Racial Justice, Equity, Access, Legacy)

Systemic racial disparities in communities of color are widening due to the pandemic loss and racial inequity. We know that these disparities and inequities have existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic - Why aren’t we talking about it? -  Let’s talk about it!


The R.E.A.L. Talk series was created to bring people from all walks of life together to share their lived experiences, expertise and speak truth to Racial Justice, Equity, Access, and Legacy. 


These conversations will be guided discussions on topics such as education, community organizing, leadership, racism, and other issues and topics affecting neighbors here in our communities. 


Through a lens of diversity, inclusion, equity, access, and justice, we have invited teachers, nurses, students, community organizers, and many more community members who will be sharing their personal stories about what disparities and inequalities they are facing. 

REAL Talk General Flyer Eng.png

Date & Time: The last Tuesday of every month, 3:00-4:00PM PST

April 27, May 25, June 29

Watch live at:

Anti-Racist Educators Collaborative Group

Racism is a topic of conversation that should happen in the classroom. This conversation must start by being honest with ourselves—processing our own conscious and unconscious thoughts and biases—and then engaging our students in the conversation. 


As educators across the nation are speaking against racism and advocating for sustainable change in our country now, our students are noticing. It is never too soon to talk to young people about racism, and attending a support group is a great way to start the conversation. 


The goal of the Anti-Racist Educators Collaborative Group is to create a network of support for educators trying to create anti-racist change in their school. 


This group will focus on:


1. connecting with other educators doing anti-racist work in K-12 school settings


2. sharing activities and resources we have come across or used to teach anti-racism to staff or students

3. supporting each other in engaging staff, students, administrators, and families

4. problem-solving challenges we are facing as we do this work

5. collaborating to generate ideas for actions, activities, and policies to promote anti-racism in schools

6. examining curriculum and school culture to promote equity, representation, and engagement from all groups

7. creating affinity groups within the group in order to discuss the specific needs and challenges of different educator populations

8. building a collaborative community to make changes on a local and larger basis


Join Just Communities and other educators every month in creating a space of support and truthful conversations to continue combating racism in schools. 


Please email for more information and any accommodations you may need such as interpretation. 

Time & Date: The third Thursday of every month, 3:30-4:30pm

April 22, May 20

Register here to receive Zoom Information:

Past Virtual Programs

Since March 2020 we've held the following events VIRTUALLY...

CommUNITY Virtual Extravaganzas

Managing Transitions in a Difficult Time Workshops

Language Justice Network Meetings

Language Justice Network Annual Retreat

Talking in Class Program for 6th Graders

FIDA Program on School Re-opening

Porvida Living for Strong and Healthy Families with Dr. Roberto Vargas

CAN DO Meetings for Youth

Facebook Live Series of 6 Panels

And many customized programs with businesses, nonprofits, schools, and more!

A look at our monthly

CommUNITY Extravaganzas...

Thank you to everyone who has attended a CommUNITY Virtual Extravaganza! We have been hosting this virtual gathering each month since March 2020 so that community members stay connected during this time.


Each time we include a variety of activities so there is something for everyone. For example, we've had dance and workout classes, art projects, discussions on mental health and the outdoors, a cooking class, and a financial literacy workshop.


They are always free, open to everyone, and have interpretation (English/Spanish). 

(Images on the right are from the Virtual Extravaganza for Youth on March 24, 2020.)


Eileen Ramos, a Senior at Pacifica High School and CLI Alumni 2019, says...


“During these unusual times, the Virtual Youth Extravaganza has provided some source of normalcy. I have been able to connect with people in different places who are experiencing the same uncertainty as me. I tune in to the Virtual Youth Extravaganza to connect with others I’d normally not be able to see in person.”

RSVP for upcoming virtual programs at the top of this page! 

Request a customized program for your organization HERE!

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