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Just Communities April Newsletter

Just Desserts 2013

Every Sponsor Makes A Difference

Just Desserts 2013.jpg

From left: Daniel and Kristie Sanchez (parents of award winner Andrew Sanchez, award winners Esther Flores, Sal Guerrena, and Nicole Dinkelacker, and Just Communities Executive Director Jarrod Schwartz

Just Desserts is quickly becoming the signature event for Just Communities Central Coast. It's a fun afternoon of live music, sweet treats, local wine, silent auction, and award ceremony.

But we need your help to make it happen. As a grassroots organization we value every sponsorship that we receive at any level and give each special benefits to show our appreciation.

  • Family Sponsorship: $250

  • Supporter: $500

  • Ally: $1,000

  • Advocate: $2,500

  • Champion: $5,000

Click here to learn more about how you or your business can become a Just Desserts 2013 sponsor.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank our current sponsors for their early support!

Corporate Sponsors

American Riviera Bank

The Fund for Santa Barbara Montecito Bank and Trust Pivot Financial

Family Sponsors Gary and Mary Becker Larry and Brenda Blackerby Doug Green Alan Irwin Jarrod Schwartz and Alana Walczak

"In The Heights"

IEE Graduate Accomplishes Goal

DPHS In the Heights.jpg

Performers in DPHS's production of "In The Heights."

We at Just Communities love a good night at the theater. But the Dos Pueblos Theater Company's production of "In The Heights" has a special place in our hearts.

"In The Heights" director Clark Sayre is a graduate of ourInstitute for Equity in Education (IEE) which works to help educators better understand and work to eliminate the educational acheivement gap between students of color and white students.

For Clark IEE helped him to realize that the demographic of students that participated in high school theater were mostly

white middle class students. Once back at school he worked closely with EL Coordinator Linda Guerena, Spanish Teacher Marcelo Cruz and DP News to spread the word about auditions to a whole different demographic. More Latino kids than ever auditioned since they heard the music, saw the video and learned that many lines were in Spanish.

"Unfortunately," says Sayre, "I couldn't cast them all. As it is we have fifty students onstage, which is more than any show in DP history." Sayre continued, "Our Friday night dance parties have been a wonderful blend of pop, rock, salsa, merengue, and sounds from a variety of cultures. Already our theater department feels much more representative of the entire student body and that is very gratifying." In addition, he also noted a huge increase in Latinos attending the shows.

Congratulations to Clark and to the entire Dos Pueblos Theater Company on creating a fun and diverse experience for all!

Applications are now being accepted for this year's IEE. Clickhere for more information.

Meet Our Board

Doug Green

Doug Green.jpg

"I am so happy to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to dismantling ALL types of oppression. As a gay man, I feel that it's important for me to not only work in support of my own LGBTQ community, but also other groups that suffer from oppression as well. Just Communities crosses lines of gender, class, language, race, and sexual orientation to create a sense of unity and common purpose between all people no matter their struggle."

A Call to Action

Join the SB Comprehensive Immigration Reform Taskforce

On Wednesday May 1st the Santa Barbara Comprehensive Immigration Reform Taskforce will host a Vigil for Immigration Reform in Santa Barbara.

The vigil will be held on: Wednesday May 1st, 2013 6:00pm Trinity Episcopal Church 1500 State St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

A Central Coast taskforce of diverse interfaith, labor, and community based groups has come together to call our neighbors and allies to action. Our current immigration system is breaking families apart and criminalizing hard working members of our society and our community.

The Santa Barbara Comprehensive Immigration Reform Taskforce invites our community to defend the human and civil rights of immigrants. Join us locally as we come together for just and humane immigration reform legislation.

Just Communities is one of 16 members of the Santa Barbara Comprehensive Immigration Reform Taskforce. This taskforce is coordinated by CAUSE (Central Coast Alliance for A Sustainable Economy) a grassroots organization dedicated to evoke social, economic, and environmental justice.

Communidades Justas

Unveiling Our All Spanish Website

After a year of hard work, Just Communities is proud to announce the launch of our website in Spanish. Just Communities believes in valuing all languages equally and our Spanish website is one way for us to walk the talk. While both websites are constantly being updated so at to stay as current as possible, our Spanish website strives to be an exact duplicate of our English site. No information is omitted or changed. This way all members of our community are able to receive the same information and resources. Be sure to visit our new website

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