A Cultural Relevance & Proficiency Initiative

NepanTiahui is derived from two Nahuatl concepts:
Nepantla: In betweenness. A space where multiple spaces can coexist. A borderless space.
Tiahui: Let’s go. We can do it. Move forward (adelante)

NepanTiahui Strives to:

Collaborate with schools, museums, the healthcare system, businesses, community organizations, nonprofits, & government agencies to improve outcomes through culturally relevant content and culturally proficient practices within those spaces. 

How NepanTiahui Works:

Nepantiahui takes an intersectional and multi-disciplinary approach to cultural proficiency that crosses traditional boundaries between subject areas, traditions, and practices, while also transcending boundaries between educators, students, families, employers and employees.

Who Can Participate:

  • Educators 

  • Medical Providers

  • Students

  • Patients

  • Families

  • Organizations

  • Businesses

  • Museums

The NepanTiahui Initiative Offers:

  • Workshops on Mesoamerican Culture

  • Classroom Co-Teaching

  • Development of Culturally Proficient & Relevant Content

  • Develop the skills to create new content independently & in partnership with the communities served

To contract NepanTiahui or for more information contact Andrea Medina at 805.966.2063 or


1528 Chapala St. Suite 308  Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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