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The Language Justice Initiative works to ensure that all voices are heard and included in the process of community change toward social justice.

The Language Justice Initiative promotes best practices for creating inclusive multilingual spaces where all languages are valued equally and speakers of different languages benefit from listening to and sharing with one other.


Language access ensures that everyone’s voices are truly heard and included in the process of community change, and it is a critical element of movements for social justice.

Our programs prepare interpreters and translators to create a more inclusive community by improving access to multilingual spaces in which people can connect across differences of language, culture, race, ethnicity, and immigration experience.

Just Communities provides interpretation and translation services through our Language Justice Network. To request services please fill out a form using the buttons below. For more information contact


The Community Interpreter International

This 40 hour entry level certificate course is for bilingual/multilingual individuals. This interactive, skill based program will teach the foundations of the community interpreter profession and build skill in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation with a focus in educational and social services settings.


Program Content:

Module 1: The Profession
Module  2: Protocols and Skills
Module  3: Strategic Mediation 
Module  4: Professional Identity 
 5: The Interpreter's Role

Upcoming sessions:

  • For community members: check back for Summer 2020 date!

Interpreting for
Social Justice

This 20-hour workshop introduces participants to interpretation skills with a foundation in principles of equity and inclusion. The workshop includes:

  • Skill building in consecutive & simultaneous interpretation

  • Ethical issues and the interpreter’s role

  • Language, power, and social justice

  • Creating an inclusive multilingual space


Target Audience: This workshop is open to experienced and aspiring interpreters of sign and spoken languages. All levels, languages, and ages are welcome               


Upcoming sessions:

  • For community members: check back for Summer 2020 date!

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One Room, Many Voices:
Planning for


This workshop explores best practices for working with interpreters and translators to plan inclusive and effective multilingual events.


Target Audience: Leaders and staff members of schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, community leaders and organizers, etc. 

Language Justice Network

Just Communities provides support and coordination to a group of interpreters and advocates for language access and inclusion.

“[The Interpreting for Social Justice Workshop] was a truly eye-opening experience to understand all the pieces that interpreters juggle when working on our communities’ behalf. I loved that every single activity built upon the next, drawing from the knowledge and life-experience of our particular group. This brought us together in a very special and personal way, and I’m excited for the future work our red de la justicia lingüística will do together.  My sincerest thanks and appreciation goes out to Just Communities’ staff for organizing this vital workshop right in our backyard.”


- Amisha DeYoung-Dominguez,
Interpreting for Social Justice Workshop Graduate


For more information about the Language Justice Initiative, please contact:

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