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Just Communities'

Third Annual Social Equity Summit:

"Explore and discuss the dimensions of intersectionality through a racial equity lens"

September 29th, 2022   ~   9:00am - 2:00pm PST

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Just Communities is happy to invite you to our Third Annual Social Equity Summit, “Dimensions of intersectionality through a racial equity lens,” taking place virtually on Thursday, September 29th!  


The Third Annual Social Equity Summit will bring together 100+ members of the Central Coast community from all sectors to discuss what individuals, organizations, and our community can do to address racism, through an intersectional lens.  At this moment in our history, we have the opportunity to reimagine and co-create infrastructure to center racial equity throughout the Central Coast. Nothing can stop the power of committed and determined people to make a difference in our society. Join us to celebrate, explore, and discuss the dimensions of intersectionality through a racial equity lens! With exciting breakout sessions that will center the exploration of racial equity towards systemic change and innovation and the opportunity to connect in affinity groups to unpack concepts of intersectionality and focus on the importance of centering racial equity efforts. Learn about Just Communities' new mission while exploring what it takes to create a truly equitable and just community. 


For the past 21 years, Just Communities has moved the needle of equity forward through shared understanding and a common language to coordinated action. In 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, through our community partnerships, we worked with over 600 youth, educators, families, and other community allies; ranging from 6th graders to those who have reached retirement.  These connections are what drive our mission, creating spaces of opportunity where people are valued, respected, and heard.  Our programs, ranging from the Learning Pods, developed to address the gaps in access and opportunity in education during the pandemic, assisting 75 families who are facing economic challenges, to our most recent Anti-Racist Educator Collaborative, a support network of  25 educators trying to promote equity and representation in their schools by sharing activities, resources, and supporting each other, enable us to advance our vision of creating a community where all people are connected, respected, and valued.

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Gabrielle Felder

Keynote by Gabrielle Felder

"Moving from Performative Action to Material Change"

Gabrielle Felder (she/they) is a culture critic, educator, and digital activist focused on dismantling white supremacy to move toward Black liberation and indigenous sovereignty. Join Gabrielle and Just Communities for "Moving from Performative Action to Material Change" where Gabrielle will discuss the 2020 response to George Floyd's murder and how to move from short lived engagement to material change in the lives of Black people. 

You may recognize Gabrielle from @gfx_prints, an Instagram dedicated to educational content that centers Black liberation with 27.8k followers. She also runs a patreon, was the keynote for UC Davis Women's Resources and Research Center, and spoke at the recent "We Keep Us Safe" event in Santa Barbara. We are incredibly lucky to have Gabrielle on the Central Coast and on our staff at Just Communities. We know that you will learn so much from hearing "Moving from Performative Action to Material Change" at the Social Equity Summit!

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What does it mean to Co-Conspire to a Race Equity Culture?

Led by: Ana García, Chelsea Lancaster, and Fabiola González-Gutiérrez

Description: In this workshop we will identify the characteristics of White Supremacy Culture and provide examples of how it shows up in our daily lives. We will also provide participants opportunities to reflect on past experiences and offer tools to disrupt White Supremacy Culture as they continue in their journey toward co-conspiring in the movement for racial justice and Race Equity Culture.


Audience: Calling all co-conspirators! This workshop is designed for people who are committed to dismantling White Supremacy Culture as a means of working towards creating more equitable practices in their lives and organization. Participants may find themselves working in nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, education, and/or community organizing.

Calling White Allies:

Removing the Roadblocks Between Processing and Participation

Led by:

Barbara Parmet and Dylan Griffith

(SURJ SB: Showing Up for Racial Justice, Santa Barbara)

Description: This interactive workshop will discuss common barriers that prevent white people from effective participation in the multiracial movement for racial justice, why white accomplices are urgently needed, and actionable ways they can get involved starting today.


Audience: White attendees who want to be inspired to move from discussing and internally processing racism to directly participating in dismantling it.

Diversifying Community Outreach & Engagement 

Description: CommUNITY engagement and partnership is a critical element of community-centered work. One of the many ways we partner with youth, families, and community members, and ensure their perspectives and lived realities are part of the conversation and process, is by authentically including them “in the kitchen”. Not just inviting them “to the table”, but fully and authentically allowing them to take part in the process and decision making of what the “recipe” will look like; what ingredients they and their cultures bring; and equipping them with the necessary tools they know how to utilize. This workshop will focus on exploring what other ways we can diversify community outreach and engagement while centering the work of outreach and engagement through a racial equity and intersectional lens. 


Audience: This workshop will be beneficial for people working in all sectors of our community engaging in community outreach and engagement. Specifically for folks that want to critically assess their approaches and strategies to engagement through a diverse, inclusive, and equitable lens.

The "political" is personal — Coffee with a Black Guy

Led by:

James Joyce

Description: Defund the Police. Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Make America Great Again. Beyond the headlines and hashtaggable phrases, James Joyce III, Founder of Coffee With A Black Guy (CWABG), will provide an opportunity to go beyond the sound bites and dive into a genuine and authentic conversation about race and perspective. This social impact movement aims to bring greater understanding, compassion, empathy and love to our shared community.


Audience: This facilitated interactive experience is for you perhaps if you have attended a training that falls under the D,E, I & J umbrella and want to explore how to apply to your life, are seeking better understanding, are curious about perspective or racial ideas. Are willing to adhere to some basic guiding principles; Be respectful, be genuine, be willing to listen, be willing to feel something, don't seek to dominate with your story. 

Thank you to our sponsors!
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