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Each year, Just Communities' CommUnity Leadership Institute prepares 50 Central Coast high school students to understand injustice in the world and translate that understanding into positive action in their schools and communities. The eight day residential program is a unique opportunity where young people from diverse backgrounds explore their multifaceted identities, learn how to recognize and counter bias and gain advocacy skills and tools to bring back to their schools and communities. Activities include discussion groups, role playing, learning exercises and presentations on a variety of human relations and social justice issues. Young people participate in and learn from activities which focus on ethnic and racial identity, stereotyping, communication, family issues, racism, homophobia, sexism, and classism.

What Youth Should KnowCLI 2009

You will leave CLI knowing way more about yourself, with skills to be a respected leader, and with new friends from throughout the Central Coast. Additionally, you can receive 48 hours of COMMUNITY SERVICE CREDIT, leadership training, and university credits. The added bonus is an amazing experience during summer break that is unlike any other.

What Parents Should KnowCLI 2005

At CLI, your child will have a unique summer enrichment experience that will prepare them for social leadership for the rest of their life. They will leave with enhanced personal character, and greater self-knowledge. CLI increases their ability to stand up to social pressures and to be a positive ROLE MODELS with an appreciation for diversity and justice. The training and mentorship they receive will prepare them with awareness needed for academic and professional success as they transition to adulthood and greater independence.

What Educators Should KnowCLI Group 2 2011

CLI prepares students to confront the many social challenges that limit achievement of their FULL POTENTIAL. The program equips young people with the self-confidence to push against these barriers and strive for their best. Graduates of the program also become a positive peer influence in schools—serving as advocates against bullying, violence, and social divisions, thereby creating positive school community and promoting holistic success.

The CLI Experience

Liberation CLI 2011

The Head: Profound and impactful LEARNING is at the core of CLI. Participants engage in dialogues, interactive activities, and workgroups to tackle issues related to racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and other injustices that divide our communities.

Eleina CLI 2011

The Heart: Heightened self-awareness and increased empathy for others are also central to CLI. Participants engage in truly REAL TALK—unfiltered dialogue with other youth about issues that affect daily life and their futures.

CLI Change Agents 2011

The Hand: CLI prepares participants to put learning into ACTION. They gain tools needed to become leaders in their communities around issues of justice in high school, leading into college and careers.

CLI 2004

The Fun: In addition to learning activities, CLI offers RECREATION and community building opportunities, including swimming, hiking, sports, crafts, poetry, music, and dance.

What CLI Grads Say

“This is the best camp ever! We learn so much and get to work with an awesome staff. This has been the greatest experience of my life.”
- 11th grader, Pioneer Valley High School

CLI 2006

“It feels like I’ve come to a whole new level of enlightenment. I feel like before I came, I had already been passionate about social justice issues, but now there are things to change.”
- 10th grader, Santa Barbara High School